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Conducting a business meeting

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  • Místo konání: TCC s.r.o. Rohan Business Center, Rohanské nábřeží 671/15, Praha 8
  • Kapacita kurzu: 12

Are you already somewhat experienced in sales and want to move your sales negotiation skills to the next level? Do you mostly sell on intuition and want to develop professional sales techniques in order to learn about your client‘s needs and utility faster? Would you like to be able to handle objections and make more deals? Come to our course where you will learn to communicate effectively with your clients, find out their needs, build relationships and increase sales.

Co Vám kurz přinese?

  • Learn to sell easily using the consulting approach.
  • Discover methods for effective learning about your clients‘ needs.
  • Learn to handle objections.
  • Learn to work with emotions and build relationships.
  • Learn to know when to close a deal.
  • Find out what makes follow-up so important and what you can mine from it.
  • Practice conducting business meetings.

Cílová skupina


  • The sales cycle.
  • Phone call structure: arranging a meeting.
  • Building relationships and trust.
  • Effective communication: how to ask questions, learn about needs and listen.
  • The sales talk – presenting/ demonstrating.
  • Utility – how to discover and work it.
  • Sales methods: SPIN, FAB, AIDA…
  • Subliminal decision-making and the functioning of emotions.
  • Handling objections.
  • Closing the deal, Follow up, Up-selling.
  • The elevator pitch.

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